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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why we started potty training .

So people ask me all the time why I started Eli (14months)  potty training so early.

Well the truth is  I started putting him on the potty as soon as he could sit up good by himself ( Around 5 months I think) just to get him used to sitting on it to make it easier to get him to sit on it later on when he was ready to potty train. When he was sitting on it within 5 mins of sitting there he peed so we did the happy dance and clapped and he loved it since that day he has liked sitting on the potty. He will use it and he gets soo happy about it.

Now at 14 months he walks around the house in 2T underwear that the top of his butt shows in due to them being so big. I've looked for smaller but I can't find any.
he tells me when he need to go by either running and banging on the top of the potty or saying ppp.
He will also let me know when he has to poop by grunting and then stopping till I put him on the potty.. He does wear a diaper out and to bed. When he wakes up his diaper has to come off tho he hates wearing a wet diaper and once he's peed it must be changed..

I'm going to start a potty chart for when he goes in the potty he gets 1 sticker for pee and  2 for pooping. When he gets enough stickers he will get a prize. I'm hoping this will help him be 100% potty trained sooner.

If you have any ? about this feel free to comment and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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