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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fluffy Stuff

I was on playcreateexplore's blog and I saw this fun looking stuff I wanted to try with the boys but mine didn't turn out like hers. Oh well maybe next time. If you want to see her post click here >

 This is what I ended up with tho. It was still fun to play with and really neat to watch the boys play with it.
Ray(10 years old) got out a plastic knife and fork and was cutting it up.

What you will need ...

Food coloring if you want

So I didn't keep track of how much I used of each and I think that's where I went wrong but I didn't have alot of cornstarch

I would much rather have everyone go to the website I give you and see what she did because her's is way better then ours I hope to try this again very soon once I get more cornstarch and I will do a update post on it then.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Forever N Always