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Friday, March 22, 2013

cooked Noodle Sensory Bag

Today we worked on colors and squishy.
Eli loved stepping on these. He also loved to throw them out of the bin and throwing them back into it. 
When he started to get a little bored with it I gave him a old bucket that was once used for cotton candy. He then started stacking the bags on top of each other and throwing the bags into the bucket.

What I used.
noodles ( I got mine form Dollar Tree but you an get them even cheaper with coupons )
food coloring 
plastic bags 
duct tape.

Step to making this awesome bag.
1. Cook the noodles like you would any other time. Make sure to put a little oil in it so they don't get sticky.
2. Put equal amounts of noodles into your bags ( 1 bag for each color )
3. Put the food coloring in.
4  Close and get out as much air as you can
5. Duct tape the tops to keep the bags from opening.
6. Give to the kids to mix the color in :)
What we ended up with.

This is how I duct taped the tops

Sorry for the mess in the back ground. We haven't cleaned up yet from playing today.


Putting them into the bucket

Now he's dumping the bucket back out

Sorry for the bad pis it's super hard to get a good pic of Eli (14 months) due to him moving so much.

After all that playing he was ready for a healthy snack

 playcreateexplore did some noodle play also but hers is a little different. If you would like to see what she did  here is the link

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