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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homemade soap.

My Etsy is now open.   
I love making soaps. I'm just getting started and I've even sold a few. I use facebook HERE and Listia HERE right now to sell my soaps.
Please check me out share my page like it. everything. I'm also on Pinterest HERE.

I run sales once a month and I will also be doing giveaways. It you want a special basket I will have those for sale. Like Easter baskets.

I try to keep prices low and give people th best deal.

Please let me know what you think. :)

I've started making HP and CP soaps now

These are not all of my mold to see all of my mold please see my facebook page. I will also take orders by email.

Forever N Always

Colored Chapstick

Did you know you can make chapsticks your self?

I made these using coconut oil, shea butter , and crayons.

Heat everything over a double burner and then pour into a container to cool.


This one ended up shear

Lego fun

We all love playing with Lego's we have the little one like below. We also have the other sizes as well. We play with the little ones while Lydia is sleeping and the big ones while she is awake.

I believe that Lego's or other building blocks really do help children learn. It helps them to know that they can make things from their own ideas.

Eli wanted a car

Nita's stop light

Nita's controller 
My table
Our garden

Our planets

For Christmas Ray got this cute planet set. I'm not sure where it came form but I'm sure you can find a cheap set at like Walmart. 

This set does include Pluto so it's probably a older model. I know most people no say it's not a planet but to us it is.

The boys still enjoy playing with this and it made it a lot easier to teach them what the different planets look like and where they are in line.