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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day cupcakes

Mom wanted cupcakes tonight so we made Valentine's Day cupcakes to go with our theme this week.

I got the liners a Dollar Tree last week. For  $1 I got 16 liners and 16 heart shaped picks.
The sprinkles came from the $1 part of Target. 
The cupcake batter we already had.

Mom chose to make red velvet cupcakes tonight which I thought was just perfect to go with the theme.
Eli really enjoyed helping make the cupcakes and he couldn't wait to eat 1.

See the cute picks.

Our heart sprinkles

Eli put all the liners in himself :)

We took white store bought icing and added alittle bit of vanilla flavoring. 

Eli got to lick the icing

Then we added alittle pink coloring.

I found red sugar sprinkles

Eli's first cupcake

My cupcake

Moms cupcake

Eli's 2nd cupcake

I think these ended up being perfect :)

Oh and mom used coconut oil instead of all veg. oil so it's not as bad as it could be.

Forever N Always

Snow day #2

Wow we are getting crazy snow here in NC this year.
The pictures posted below I took at about 1:30pm I'll ry to keep posting updates.

The snow is almost to our door.

I stuck my arm out for 2 sec. to take the picture,

He loves his snow cream.

We have huge flakes.

This is about 3-4in. off the ground and you con't even see it.

I didn't get any more pictures because I fell asleep no long ater posting this and then it started sleeting.

Forever N Always

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Fun.

I have no idea where all this snow is coming from this year but Eli is loving it.
When he woke up this morning I took him to the door and he was ready to play.
We went outside for about 20mins till I said I had to go in. Eli would have stayed out longer if I had let him.

I tried to make a snow man but Eli smashed him :/ maybe next time.
He loved making snowballs and throwing them at people.

Him and nana had alot of fun playing on the slide outside and Ray loved throwing snowballs.

It was alot of fun and even tho mom and I are sick we're both glad we went out with the boys.

Forever N Always