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Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

Hey everyone I'm trying so hard to start doing things with the boys again so hopefully I will be posting more. :) YAY!

I made a trip to Dollar Tree earlier to get some stickers for the kids in our children's church to make  Valentine's Day cards Sunday. When there I found alot of things I could use for a sensory bin for the boys which is where this came from. I'll post some pictures of the card the kids make if I remember my cam. that day. :)

I'm not sure what these are but I thought they were cute.

The tops are soo fuzzy!!!

White fake rose petals 

Red fake rose petals.

Sparkly foamy hearts

Pink hard plastic hearts

Red hard plastic hearts

Everything all together

I added the bucket so Eli could put everything in it using the hole.

Our front door right no.
 Eli loved playing in this bin. Some of the things ended up in the bucket but his favorite thing to do was throw the rose petals everywhere.

After they got done playing these silly boys wanted to take pictures. Enjoy.

I love my silly boys.

Forever N Always