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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Week 2013

I didn't get to do much with Eli and Ray this week because I wasn't home much. My Great Aunt passed away on Sat. So I've been with my family most of the week. I'm going to try and do some stuff today so keep watch for a update..

This was my Easter Sensory Bin.

It has Easter grass,  plastic eggs , some other little.. Eli love to put the stuff into the bowl.

These are somme glitter eggs things haha I think they are for a Easter tree because it has  a string.

These are those capsule things that when put into water  come open .

See not much for Easter. We did make some more play dough and everyone played with it. Tonight we will try Cloud dough.

In the 1 Easter bath we got to do I gave each of the boys 2 foam eggs and a basket  to decorate  as they wanted. I got these for  a $1 at Dollar Tree and each pack came with these 3.

All the little things you can add.

yep we dyed eggs. To show how we dyed our eggs I'll be making another post.

Even tho DH can't be here I still make him a egg.

These are for deviled  eggs
We ended this Easter with the best game of Egg Ball.

Forever N Always