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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mama Snack.

Yep these are the words my little nurser said to me as he was playing. Right before he came over and pulled my shirt down to nurse.

 He loves his booby milk :)
We had a crazy start with Breast Feeding. Eli couldn't latch when he was born we tried over 2 hrs to try and get him too but he couldn't so I had to pump and put it into a bottle so DH could feed him. Not being able to feed my baby myself was so hard for me. I about caved and gave him formula ( Gasp I know) I am 100% probreast milk. After we came home he latched perfectly and I was one happy mama. 14 months later and we are still breastfeeding and alot. He loves to nurse and I love to nurse him.. I'm breastfeeding till Eli is ready to stop.. I even pump and freeze so that if I get sick or have to go somewhere he still has milk to drink. . The best thing I can tell other mama's who want to breast feed is don't ever give up no matter how hard it might seem it's so worth it in the end to have that special bond with your baby.

Forever N Always