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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pudding Paint

So I wanted something for my Eli (14month) to be able to do. I was looking for some fun easy ways for him to make stuff for us to send to his dada or just do around the house and one of the things I found was Pudding Paint. It's so easy to make and it's safe for him to eat . (He likes to put stuff in his mouth so whatever we do it has to be safe to eat

What you need is..
Pudding mix ( I got vanilla )
Food coloring ( you can use whatever color or make new colors)
Bowls ( How ever many colors you have you will need a bowl for each)
something to mix it with.
SO start off by making the pudding mix in a large bowl.

Put into different bowls ( I think I did 1/4 in each bowl)
Add the food coloring. ( I didn't count the drops. Just put till you
get the color you want.

Set up the painting area ( I have a storage bin he  an fit into)
Now just let them paint :)

See everything must go into his mouth 
He was super sticky after he got done but nothing a quick shower couldn't fix. With using the storage bin for him it was a super fast and easy way to clean everything back up.... The colors did come out pretty pastel and had kind of a yellow tint but that was due to the pudding. If you have older kids or you want to change the flavor of the pudding you can also add extracts to it.

I really hope everyone gets a chance to try this with their little ones you can start this kind of painting at a pretty young age and like I said he had a blast.

If you would like to see the AWESOME website that I got this idea from here is the link

There's all kinds of ideas on there. If you get a chance to try pudding paint let me know what you used and how it turned out.

Have a wonderful and fun day everyone.