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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Color Weeks. Blue week

This week is blue week in our house. I got together a cool blue sensory bin for Eli (14month) which I will take a pic of later once he is done breast feeding. We also had a really awesome blue bath tonight and we even went over some shaped I drew on he wall in blue bath paint. Eli even said Circle and Triangle and Blue which sounded like glue haha.

I ran the water then added some blue food coloring. I also added as many blue bath tub  safe toys I could find
within a couple mins.

See the shaped? I was so proud of him for saying the shapes name with me . He even pointed to the circle.

He was rubbing the stuff on the walls.
He was all smiles the whole bath.

It's so hard to get clear pics with this boy. He jut loves to move around
 That's all I have for now but I will keep updating till this week is over...

Blue Sensory bin

Yummy Blueberry smoothie 

Blue water and outside play sensory bin
Bath tub shaving cream paint 

Blue bath

                Forever N Always