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Friday, October 26, 2012

Look at what BzzAgent sent me :)

So today my mom when to go get the mail and there was a box for me.
I opened it and I found that it was from BzzAgent now let me explain what that is.

It's a website that sends you stuff to test and you give your review on it and help spread the word on the product. They want you to give your honest opinion so if you don't like something it's okay to say you don't. There is no need to sugar coat anything for them..

So what I got sent to try out this time is from the brand Green Mountain Coffee.
I have a K-Cup brewer so I got sent K-Cups to try.

In this first Pic you can see every thing they sent me. I have the 3 boxes with 4 k-cups in each.

Left upper corner is Wild Mountain Blueberry .
Right upper corner is Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve.
Left lower corner is Vermont Country Blend.
Right lower corner is Colombian Fair.

There is also a coupon on the box for Save $2 when you use this keycode on the The Keycode is PASSIT-ON.
Also on the top of the box is a tear out coupon for Save $1 on any ONE 12-count K-Cup pack box or ONE 10 or 12-oz bag of Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee.

Now I want to talk about the flavors of the coffees I got.

Wild Mountain Blueberry
This coffee has a odd smell to it. I'm not even sure how to explain the smell of this but it was so bad I couldn't drink the coffee. I did take one chance and took a sip of this just for you guys. It does taste alittle like Blueberry but it's not my cup of coffee haha. I did end up wasting this cup of coffee because no one in my house would drink it :(

Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve
When they say extra bold boy do they mean it. I don't really like strong coffee but this one had a pretty good flavor to it. I do like my coffee with creamer so I put some pumpkin spice liquid creamer in it. I really did enjoy drinking this kind. My mom tried a cup with just reg. creamer and it was pretty good too.

Vermont Country Blend
This one also has a weird smell to it. Kinda like a skunk it made me feel sick smelling it.. Once I added my creamer to it tho the smell wasn't as bad and I cold drink it. So it's not something I would buy for full price but I would drink it again.

Colombian Fair

Now this tasted and smelled like coffee should haha it just had the coffee smell to it. This was truly the best one I got and I will be buying more later on.