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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Money At Home

Hey every one so let me start off by saying you will NOT make alot of money online but you can make some extra. I put every little bit I get into Saving for a later use for when we need it.

So I'm going to list all the ways I make money online.

1. Swagbucks * It's a tool bar you download and use it to look stuff up ) ( this is my fav. 0

2. Pinecone research. ( This pays $3 for each survey you complete But it's invite only)

3. Paidviewpoint ( They send you a survey a day and you get get points and a couple cents now some
surveys pay more then others. Cash out is at $15 ) ( Can't register without phone verification)

4. I-Say ( They email you surveys and you earn points )

5. Socraticforum (This one also send surveys to your email and it's a point site)

6. Bzzagent ( this site send you stuff to test.)

7. Bing You do searches every 2 searches you get 1 point up to 15points a day. You get another 10 if you do mobile searches. They have a lot of different prizes. I trade in my points for 500 Swagbucks.


9. .zoombucks. it just like swagbuck. Like almost the same.

10. superpoints. it's different from these other sites. I'm still not 100% sure how it works.

11. Purell Loyalty Program You earn points by sharing your link and a few other htings. You can then turn your points in for stuff. Here is my code Please feel free to comment with your link and I'll be sure to click it.

12. The Perdue Crew Like Purell plus you can get coupons. Here Is my code and again please share your code and I will make sure to click on it for you . :)

13.InboxDollars Like swagbucks you can do surveys. watch videos. do searches. among other things. This one oyu have to get to $30 before you can pay out but it's pretty easy to get to $30.
 Here is my referral

Money Back Websites
1. Ebates If you shop online ever this is a great site to use. You gt a % back for each $1 spent.

2. Swagbucks. Get X amount of swagbucks for each $1 spent

3.Mypoints.  Like Ebates If you want to use my referal I have to email it to you.

1. ReceiptHog. Every time you go to the store make sure to scan your receipt. You get points for each one and at 1000points you can trade in for either $5 cash or $5 Amazon.

2.ReceiptPal. Is pretty much like ReceiptHog. Point trade ins start at 325 for $1 Amazon.

3.Ibotta. if you buy the stuff on your ibotta list click the redeem button and upload your receipt. Pays in paypal. Payout is a Min. of $5. Please use my referral code when you sign up. 8uiqpa.

4. Checkout 51  Like Ibotta but you can redeem from any store. Cash out is $20.

5.Shopmium. Like Ibotta but closer to check out 51. Money goes straight into Paypal. My referral code is MKHMUYTR. When you use my code you get a free Lindt Chocolate bar. Just buy it and they give you what you payed back.  ( if you have the same item on all 3 of these apps. Please do the offer on them all. :)

6. Ride. Just down load the app and you get I point for every mile you drive. Great for earning money doing what you would be doing anyway.  Rewards start at 20,000 for $5 Amazon.

7.AppJoy. Just open it up every day and earn 400 point. Download apps play for 5 mins to earn.extra points. Trade in starts at 30,000 Nanas for $1. Referral code is. c457857. You'll get a extra 2,500nana's for using my code.

8.PerkTv. Watch videos and earn points. Trade in starts at 2500point for $2. ( I start mine before I go to bed and they run all night. It's pretty easy to earn money with this one) Referral code is 6d114ed0

9. Pop Quiz. Answer ? of whatever topic you choose. You earn points that are then added to your Perk points. Referral code is 6d114ed0

10.Viggle check into whatever your watching and earn points for every min you're watching. Also works for music.

11. Imagoo Rate pictures and earn points. Point trade in starts at 15000 for $5 Best buy card.
12. Peko. You Peko people and if they peko you back. Go to my challenges and play a game. Then you get points. Trade in starts at $10. 100points=$0.01 Referral code is twEGXFH4

13.Berrycart. Like Ibotta but for organic food.
 If you use my link I'll get $2 but I can't post the link. I would need to email it to you. Just email me at with the subject * Berrycart app link* and I would be more then happy to email it to you.

If you have any questions on any of these sites please feel free to post a comment or email me at
I don't get payed to blog so by using my referral codes you are helping me out big time. .. THANK YOU
If you click on any of the website above it should use me as a referral.

That's all I can think of right now but I will keep you updated.