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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Target Haul 10/18/2012

SO I stopped by target today to help my mom and sister try and find a costume for my little sister well I also needed to look for fake eyelashes to use with my Halloween costume ( Gonna be a 80's girl ) So When we were walking to the costume section we passed the Make up and I saw clearance and it was ELF. I think I had a mini heart attack :O haha anyway So I saw these brushes were on sale for $1.70 and I was like I have to have these. So I got the Professional Eye Shadow Brush and the Professional Defining Eye Brush If you look at my pics you can see how big and fluffy these brushes are :) I had to try them out when I got home and they work perfectly. I also saw the nail polishes but they only had a few colors. I thought at first that the dark one was black. Well I needed a good dark black nail polish so I got it. The gold sparkle one just kept calling my name '' Carrie get me'' '' Buy me" " You know you need me" haha so I just had to buy it too :) I love both of them now the dark one is really a dark greenish black it looks black inside and dark green outside. It has dark green glitter in it and I have falling in love with the color. I also did find a 3 pack of ELF Eyelashes for $3 and I've tried ELF lashes before and no one but my husband knew I had them on. That is all I got today but I can't wait to go back I just love ELF Have any of you been to Target Lately? Have you tried ELF if so what do you think?