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Thursday, October 18, 2012

You are my Super Hero

So This is my first time posting one of the care packages I've made for my DH :) I hope you enjoy and there will be more to come.
So I'm calling this box You are my Super Hero. I use construction paper on each flap and i did one green and made it The Hulk.
The I used a red piece of paper and I did a spider web ( I know it's not very good) Did anyone spot the little purple spider in the corner?
Next I use a blue piece of paper and I cut out a red Superman shape and I have never done this before and I messed up on it oops :( It will be okay.
After that I use a white sheet of paper and I did the Wonder woman symbol :)
I also added a note on the bottom of the box telling him he is my Hero.
Then I put candy in the box and I don't have everything yet because it's not full so there will be a update on this later

So far here is what I have in it.
1. Sun Flower Seeds in Original and Ranch
2. Yoohoo Singles to go ( Just add milk )
3. Sour Face Twisters Bubble Gum in Apple and Strawberry
4. Red Twizzlers
5. Wonka Sweetarts Chews
6. jolly Rancher Hard candy in Original and Fruit 'n Sour
7. 2 EZ - Bake in a cup ( add water and microwave )
8. Caramel Apple Taffy
9. Now & Later in Wild berry , Strawberry , Blue Raspberry , Watermellon , Tropical Punch
10. 22 packs of the little Candy sticks
11. 2 4packs of slim jims
12. 2 Lipton White tea in a bottle

That's all I have for now but if you have any ideas on what else I should add to it just leave a comment I could really use some ideas haha.
Also a tip for anyone who makes a care package the Dollar Store aka Dollar Tree is a wonderful friend to go see.
Plus they take coupons now so if you have a coupon and can save some money go right ahead and don't feel bad about it. :) sti