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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rainbow Colored Flowers Experiment

Mom came up with this one.
I'll keep updating on how the flower look day to day.
Just in case no one has heard of this before I don't want to share what happen at the top of the post.

I did mine in rainbow but you can do this in one color or two. You can do that to match a wedding or party. I would start it about a week before tho so it has plenty of time to work.

What you will need.
Jars , vase , cups, ( I used all 3 )
food coloring ( I used about 10 drops of each color. I wanted it strong )
White Flowers

What to do.
1.Fill the jars up with water.
2. Put in the food coloring..                
3 Cut off the flowers and make sure to slant them.
4. Put them into the jars and just leave them there till you get the color you want. 

I didn't use all of my flowers but the rest I am going to plant outside.

Day 1

Day 3 you can see how the flower is starting to change colors.

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