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Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to dye Easter eggs

Hey everyone not gonna lie I cheated and use a box egg dying kits. But I got it for free from CVS so it's okay.

This is the cheap brand PAAS

It came with the dye, stickers, and some other things we didn't use.

he's so ready to dye eggs for the first time 

Get a empty cut or bowl for each color.

Drop the color  into the cups . One per cu[

Then add the vinegar and water.

Mix it up.

He did a good job getting it into the cup.

Now just leave the egg in there till you get the color you want. The longer you leave it  the  brighter the color.

Take them out and  let them dry

Now some pics of our eggs.

That's it we keep it pretty easy right now with the little ones. :)

Forever N Always