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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pom-Pom Caterpillar

So I saw Pom-Poms at the store the other day and I just knew they would be great for the boys to play with. It wasn't till I got home that I came up with just what to do with them tho.

Pom-Pom Caterpillars are so easy to make and cheap too. 

What you will need.
A leaf print out ( Just google till you find one you like.
Googly eyes
Marker, color pencil, crayon, just something to color with
What to do.
Once you have got the leaf you wanted and printed it out
have the kids color them. Both Eli and Ray used markers.
Then I had the boys choose what pom-poms they wanted to use.
After we got 6 big pom-poms out I put glue on the paper and let the
boys put the pom-poms on top in the order they wanted. After we got the
big pom-poms on we took 4 little ones and made antennas with them. Then 
comes the eyes and mouth.. That's it :) The one Eli and I made we sent to 
Joshua in a care package so he could see it. :)

Sorry I don't remember what site I got mine from.

This is Eli's leaf. 

Yes he tried eating it.

This is Ray :)

He wanted a smile and nose

Forever N Always