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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to make homemade colored sand

This is so much cheaper then buying already colored sand but it does take some work.

What you will need
Play Sand ( I got a 50lb bag at Lowe's for under $4.00
Food Coloring
Plastic Baggy

                                                                         What to do.

I wanted the same amount of sand in each color. 

1. Put the amount of sand you wish to dye the first color into a bowl.

2. Wet the sand but not enough to soak it just make it damp all around.

3. Put some food coloring onto the sand.

4. Mix it in. you will want to kind of push down with the spoon and drag it to really get the color mixed in.

5. Add more food coloring if you want a brighter shade. When this dries it's a lot lighter so make it dark.

6. Bag it up and let it dry.

All done.

You use colored sand for so many things.

1. Sensory Bins
2.. Sand Art
and many more things you can get a lot of ideas by looking it up online. I'll be sharing what we use ours for..

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