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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Tonight I'm going to share with y'all what vitamins I take everyday and where I get them. I'll also explain why I take them.
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How many I take-------What I take--------total MG-------Why I take it.
2 ----------------------Coconut Oil--------2000mg--------
2 tsp-------------------Elderberry extract------------------Immune support
2-----------------------Brewer's Yeast--------------------Helps with Breast Milk production.
2-----------------------BioAstin Hawaiin Astraxanthin--8mg-- Antioxidant, Endurance,internal sunscreen.
1-----------------------Vitamin D3-----2000mg-------Essential for bone maintenance 
4----------------------Odorless Garlic--4000mg-----Supports Cardiovascular health, Helps boost the Immune system.
2---------------------Cranberry------------------------To help with bladder inflammation 
I also take a probiotic everyday. I'm still trying to find the best deal on this and once I do I'll update where to buy it.

Just because I take these and they work for me does not mean they will work for everyone. 
As with anything do your research before taking any vitamins or supplements. Make sure you are 100% comfy with it before you take it. 

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