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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Educational Apps Preschool - Adult

Math Tools
Units Convertor: *Convert time, temperature, volume, speed, distance, power, pressure, weight etc.
Hygrometer: Measure humidity where you live. See what's considered dry, comfortable or wet.
Free Compass: North, South, East, or West. Which way are you facing on the Earth?
Stopwatch: Time how long things take, or how fast your child can run!
Decibel Meter: *Measure how soft or loud sounds are.
Expert Calculator: Normal or scientific calculator that calculates numbers into the quadrillions.
Fraction Calculator : A calculator for fractions.
3D Protractor: Tilt the iPad to use this cool protractor.
Timer: Use for all sorts of things, from how long your child has to clean-up to toy sharing.
Weather Channel: Check your local weather as well as in different areas of the world. Chart it!

Practicing Math 
Math Worksheets: Worksheets for grades 3-8 with whiteboard.
Monkey Math: *Preschool Math
3rd Grade Splash Math: *Full year of fun 3rd grade math. Free version allows 20 questions a day.
Pizza Fractions: Beginner fraction work/game.
Equivalence Tiles: *"Hands-on" fraction and decimal work. For upper elem - high school.
Fraction Basics: Videos explaining everything you need to know about fractions.
2nd a Grade Splash Math: *Full year of fun 2nd grade math. Free version allows 20 questions a day.
Math Puppy Bingo: *Two game modes with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
Math Academy: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for elementary students.

Nuclear: *Build the periodic table of elements one element at a time.
Building Atoms, Ion's, Isotopes: Use the correct number of protons, neutrons, electrons to create.
Chemical Elements: Explore the table of elements.
Table of Elements: Explore the table with diagrams and detailed information on each element.
Periodic Table of Elements: Element flashcards.
Atoms in Motion: *Control and experiment with atoms, their state/temperature and note pressure.

Color Pad: *Free-color or color over pre-drawn pictures.
Inspire Pro Paint: Choose from a huge variety of brushes and colors to create a masterpiece.
Color Mixxa: *Mix colors together to see the result.

Google Earth: *Explore our planet Earth and all the lovely places it holds.
NASA: Explore the latest news, mission information, photos, videos and more.
Cosmic Universe: Beautiful 360 degree simulation of dark matter, gas, stars, and galaxies,
Star Chart: Point your device at the night sky and find out what you're looking at.
Moon: Hold the moon in your hands, spin and explore it's surface and more.
Mars Globe: Take a guided tour of Mars or explore yourself with detailed information.
Astrolabe: Clock showing position of Moon, planets and more today or travel to any day past/future.
Exoplanet: *Amazing exploration of exoplanets, Milky Way, solar system and beyond.
NASA Visualization Explorer: *The latest photos and cutting-edge research from NASA.

String: Modify tension, dampening, angular frequencing, amplitude to manipulate waves.
Particlescape: Beautiful particle and gravity simulator.
Weight Mass Force: *Explore effects of gravity on weight/mass on other planets and more.
Gravity Lab: Create your own solar system and observe Newton and Kepler's laws.
Gravity 2.0: *Create your own solar system and go into battle with realistic physics in this game.

Tiny Piano: More than 100 free songs. You control the timing of each note.
Music Studio: Keyboard, instruments, track sequencer, reverb, effects and more.

Hopscotch Coding for Kids: *Coding for kids. Create games, animations and more.

Puzzle and Strategy Games
Puzzles: *Sliced, drag and drop, and jigsaw puzzles aimed at toddlers and preschoolers.
Chromoverse: *Practice hand-eye coordination and speed while connecting particles to make chains.
Dots and Boxes: The classic game of lines and closing boxes on a grid.
Sudoku Kids: *Sudoku for kids using smaller puzzles and colors or numbers to solve.
Sunny Seeds: Find pairs of numbers with the sum of ten to clear the board.
Qwizful: *Fun quizzes for kids 4-7. Analogies, sequencing, math, vocabulary and more.
Qwizful Holiday Edition: Fun, holiday-themed brain-building quiz questions aimed at ages 4-7
Numbers Maze: *Mazes work on number recognition, counting, and skip counting.
Number Link: Connect the numbers in order but fill-in all the squares as you go.
Tetra Blocks: Basically classic Tetris for iPad.
Pipelines: *Create pipes by connecting color coded holes. Great for problem solving/spatial learning.
Space Dots: *Connect the numbers in order but fill-in all the squares as you go.

Cursive Writing: *Learn to write upper and lowercase cursive letters. All free.
Pre-K Letters and Numbers: *Learn to write letters, numbers and more. First three free.
Tracing Numbers: *Learn to write numbers 1-50. All free.
Writing Letters/Numbers in Spanish. Write and hear Spanish letters and numbers. 1st three free.

Spelling City: *Spelling, vocabulary and fun games for grades K-12
Phonics Genius: Huge app. teaching phonetic sounds and building phonetic awareness.
Build A Word: *Spelling fun and phonetic awareness for Pre-K and up.

Time and Money
Clockwork Puzzle: *Become familiar with clocks and learn to tell time.
Time Math: Learn to tell the time on a face clock.
Tell Time: *Time telling practice with various levels of play.
Money: *Practice counting bills and coins at various levels.
Count Money: Practice counting coins only at various levels.

iSleep Sphere: Control soothing sounds for sleep or when your child (or you!) need a break to relax.

Educational Video Series
Khan Academy: *4,200 free instructional videos for grades K-12
Brain Pop: *Fun, educational videos with quizzes for ages 9-12. A few free videos.
Brain Pop Jr. Fun, educational videos with quizzes for ages 6-8. A few free videos.
Smithsonian: Access thousands of educational videos in the Smithsonial collection. All free.

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