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Friday, May 3, 2013

Inside Garden.

Hey every one. :) I was in Dollar Tree the other day and I saw they had these Mini Green Houses for $1 each so I got the 3 you see in the 1st pic. Then I went to Target and they also had some for $1 so I got the 2 you see in the 2nd pic. If you keep scrolling down you will see what all these came with and how easy they are to use. 

Pink Cosmos.Tomatoes. Cucumber
Cilantro. Sweet  Basil 
Place the growing medium pellets in a bowl or cup. Add approximately 6 tablespoons lukewarm water. Let the pellets absorb the water . Use a work to fluff . Put the growing medium in the pot. Sow only 10 seeds in the pot and use the extra seeds in your garden. Place the seeds on top and lightly press the seeds into the growing medium. Cover with lid and plac in a sunny Location. Keep moist. Transplant when the plants are 3" tall to a larger pot or to your garden. Be sure to add plant food when plants are 3' tall.

Before the water. sorry forget to get  after pic.

Before the water.

When mixing the water.
after water and seeds.
All done

All done. I love these. We do have a big garden in the back yard and once these are big enough they will be moved to it.

Update :)

So it's been a little while since we planted these and I have to say I love the little green house.
Now instead of putting these into the ground with everything else I'm going to try the pallet garden.


Pink Cosmos

After I put the Pink Cosmos into the pot above I planted sweet peas :)

Nita's pink plant


Forever N Always