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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My big boy

My son turned 1 on Jan. 2 2013 and I just have to share how much of a big boy he has become over the past year. He went from being 5lb 9.8oz when he was born to being 17.1 now. He is still breast fed but he loves solid food as well. He favorite food right now is banana. He also loves to play around and play fight. He has his front two teeth but he has yet to bite anyone. He can over a hr in big boy underwear and potty training is going great. I love my little boy but he is growing up fast.

He is also walking now and standing up without holding onto things. Look at him standing tall and proud.

For his birthday party he had Elmo everywhere.
He looks like a clown with the frosting all over his mouth and nose.

Instead of gifts we asked people to bring food for our churches food pantry. Of curse he still got a couple of gifts.... I'm done with this post for now that big boy is ready for bed. Night everyone