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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ImPress Press-On Nails

 So thanks to Influenster sending me these awesome ImPress Press on nail I got to test them out.
Influenster gave these to me for free and to tell y'all what I really think about them.

I got the ImPress nails Press-On Manicures. in number 56888 These are a light pink in color with a black sexy lace design over it with little flowers on the top and big flowers on the bottom..

I would love to tell y'all how these wear but I am waiting to wear them to my husbands homecoming :)
these really are beautiful and they look well made. Being a mommy once I do put them on I'll be able to see how they hold up doing hard work haha :).

I love the case these came in. It looks like a nail polish bottle. To open you have to pull the ''Lid'' Off and then you have to open the case up form the side. So there it's much chance of it opening by itself and I just love that.. This comes with SO many different sizes so you should be able to find enough to cover each hand one time and they fit my nails perfectly. On the back on each nail is a thing like a glue dot you just peel the plastic off of the glue dot and then stick it to your nail and then you're ALL DONE. It really is easy to use so if you're in a rush going someone fancy and you're nails look really like crap just grab these and do your nail on the way there.

If you've used these I would love to hear which ones you got and what you thought about them.