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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Candy cane sugar scrub

One of the things Eli and I made for his grandma's was this super cute and awesome smelling sugar scrub. It's hard coming up with easy gift ideas for Eli to help with since he's not even 3 but he had no problem doing these.

What you will need.

White Sugar.
Glass jars with lids. ( These are super cute)
Red food coloring Or Beet Root Powder or Magic Red Mica Powder
2 Bowls.

I filled both jars up with sugar.
1. Put the sugar into a bowl 
2. Add the Peppermint EO's. Eli went a little crazy with the oil so not sure how many drops he did. Oops.

3. Mix it all up.

4. Eli filled 1 jar up with sugar so we have the same amount of white and red.

5. With the left over sugar add the red coloring.

6. Mix it up.

7. Add a little white sugar to the jar then red, then white, then red and so on.

8. We added a ribbon and label. I just kinda forgot to take a picture of it.