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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Every year either Thankgivings night or the night after we put up our Christmas tree. Mom, Nita and I put up the tree itself   And fluff out the branches. After we get the tree up everyone helps put on the ornaments. We have a few very special ornaments that have to go on the tree plus some plastic ones that Eli and Lyd get to help with. Putting the tree up together helps everyone get into the Christmas mood. I just loves watching Lyd's face light up when we turned the lights on.

After Christmas everyone will pick out one new ornament to add to the tree next year. Doing this is just one of our traditions. What are some traditions that you and your family do?

Our nut cracker waiting to save his ballerina.

The ever dancing ballerina

Nita's beautiful humming bird.

My newest little dancer