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Saturday, June 29, 2013

So much going on

Hey everyone. So I've had so much going on the past couple of weeks. We had VBS at church all week and Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. Still trying to find our house the one we wanted the seller lied about some stuff so I can't get it with the loan we are getting. Oh and did I say DH is on his way home? Also getting family pics taken next Sat.. While DH is home I hope to do some crafts and get the yard cleaned up maybe some DIY stuff done. We have some tables that need to be painted among other things. Oh and I have a garden this year so I've been working  a lot on it. I'll do a garden post maybe today or tomorrow. The flower garden out front is really blooming so I'll also do a post on it.. We've been doing a lot of work with the boys mom bought a account on ABC Mouse and both boys love it.

I have to go get some stuff now but hopefully I'll be able to post some this week before we go out of town.

Forever N Always